Director // Producer

Hi, I’m Ted. Call me Teddy if you like.

I tell stories with cameras and media.

I love design, human beings and tech.

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Infinit Studios is a creative agency founded by Ted to service brands with trusted marketing content. Today, Infinit serves high end clients with video productions, animation, photography and graphic design. 


Juiced is a feature-length film based on a true story about when Nick Kane got kidnapped at knife point in his own car and forced to sell juice in the dark streets of Milwaukee. The film explores themes of racism, poverty, respect and forgiveness. 

OkTrauma is a movement and organization co-founded by Teddy to help normalize the trauma conversation in the public eye. Together we can accept our stories and turn trauma into triumph. 

Ted founded Tedshots in 2010 as a headshot and portrait photography company, then quickly scaled into a video production company. Today it only focuses on  professional photography. 

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